May the universe rise up to meet you.

“Go, and do not delay.”®

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This is the phrase that Tully Harper hears whispered to him in a dream in The Conspiracy Game, my debut novel. It inspires him to sneak into space, and I’ve used this phrase to inspire me to pursue my dreams and passions since then.

Welcome to the Tullyverse.  May the universe rise up to meet you. 🙂

Novels: You can find The Tully Harper Series here. You should probably read them. It’s astronaut-approved sci-fi that’s smart enough for adults. It’s written to refocus our collective attention on the majestic feat that is human space exploration…oh, and growing up, too.

Music: Here’s my album, Stars and Wonder, produced with good friend AJ Stover, aka Seven River Day. Our band name is taken from the name of my blog, which I’ve been writing for many years. Follow Lone Star Rambler on Spotify for updates.

Crowdfunding | Consulting Services : I’ve raised more than $500,000 for my own projects and others. such as Restore Historic Mission Control. I believe in democratically funding books, music, and important historical landmarks, especially when my dad worked in them. 🙂

School Visits: author visits include writer’s workshops for young authors and general assemblies about writing and space.


Travel Blog (aka The Lone Star Rambler): I began The Lone Star Rambler in 2013 as a way to share my journey from teacher to writer, and that included a lot more travel than I expected. Now it’s my handle as a songwriter. So what’s on the Rambler? Travel essays, poems, novel updates, and thoughts on faith, culture, and space travel.



Interviews: most recently with Houston Public Media.


Events calendar is here.

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Consulting Services (Indie Publishing, Crowdfunding)

To date, I’ve raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter to fund my books. My novels exist because of the goodwill and encouragement of many friends, fans, family, and perfect strangers.

It’s worth the work. 🙂

If you need help planning a Kickstarter, I’ve successfully funded two and love helping people plan their campaigns.  If you need help publishing your book, I can take you through that process or point you in the right direction, depending on how much you’d like to do on your own.


For more info, contact me at

Q: Why crowdfunding? Why Kickstarter?

A: After some research into the publishing industry, I turned down an offer from a traditional publisher and produced my novels independently. This gave me free reign to hire my own cover artist, copy editor, and run my own writing career. For funding, I relied on crowd-sourcing, which, to me, is a way to bring back the role of the benefactor in the life of the artist in a thoroughly modern, democratic way.



Houston Public Media’s “Writing the City” Series: I sat down with Dacia Clay to discuss writing, space, Kickstarter, and read one of my poems, “Observatory,” an homage to my father.

An interview with Chick Lit Cafe (blog tour): the importance of strong female characters in sci-fi, the draw of deep space, and the lovely horror of being a teenager.

An interview with Lady Yellowbird (blog tour): “Adolescence is just built for storytelling because there’s such daily upheaval. For a writer, the protagonist can have the best and worst day of his/her life in a six hour period, and that’s good for moving a story along fluidly.”

On the Importance of Handwriting and the Writer’s Notebook (Huffington Post): “Author Adam Holt is one such person. When he visits classrooms, he tells students that creating a ‘writer’s notebook,’ literally a handwritten journal, helps improve concentration, harnesses creativity and allows young writers to “shut down the computer and reboot the mind!”


Author Visits | Events

To schedule an author visit or for appearance information, email

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2.3.2018 Brazon Teen Comic Convention  (Panel on Writing Fiction) | Pearland, TX


1.27.2018 Presentation on Developing Student Writers | TCETLA Conference | Galveston, TX
7.11.2017 Pearland Westside Library Panel | Pearland, TX
4.29.2017 Houston Writer’s Guild: Sci-Fi Panelist | Houston Writer’s Guild Conference @ Rice University
4.1.2017 How To Be Genuinely Funny in Your Writing | Writespace Houston
1.7.2017 Public Poetry Reading Series | Houston (Location TBA)
12.10.2016  Sawyer Street Market | Houston, Texas
12.3.2016 Kickstarter Workshop for Indie Writers | Writespace, Houston
11.12.2016  Successful Crowdfunding for Artists | The Spectrum Center, Houston
11.7.2016 Poetry Reading from Untameable City | U. of St. Thomas Art Gallery, Houston
9.19.2016 Indiepalooza | Successful Crowdfunding for Indie Writers | Houston, Texas
8.20.2016 Writer’s Family Reunion  | Presentation on Kickstarter | Writespace, Silver Street Studios, Houston, Texas
8.6.2016 Public Poetry Reading Series, Houston Public Library | Houston, Texas
6.30.2016 Houston Public Library Writer’s Workshop for Teens | Houston, Texas
6.21.2016 Santa Monica Summer Music Session w/Seven River Day | SoCal
6.18.2016 Comicpalooza w/Writespace
5.7.2016 Gulf Coast Indie Book Fair @ The Menil Collection | Houston, Texas
4.29 Santa Monica Spring Music Session w/Seven River Day | Santa Monica, California
4.19-23 The DC Tour! | Gaithersburg, MD + other schools
4.7.2016 Dunn Brothers Spring Festival | Friendswood, Texas
2.24.2016 Alexander Middle School | Pearland, Texas
12.5.2015 Ecclesia Street Market | Houston, Texas
11.19.2015 Uplift Heights School | Dallas, Texas
11.08.2015 Kinkaid School Book Fair | Houston, Texas
11.14.2015 I Write Luncheon, Book Signing | Houston, Texas




 6.29.2015 Heights Public Library | Houston, Texas
6.1-2.2015 Redland Middle School |  Gaithersburg, MD
5.25.2015 The Rathmore Chaos Book Launch! | Space Center Houston
4.16.2015 Private Event | Dallas, Texas
4.15.2015 Uplift North Hills School |  Irving, Texas
3.13.2015 Friendswood Jr. High | Friendswood, Texas

Topics include: DSC00658

  • Developing Writing Territories
  • Start a Writer’s Notebook
  • Creating Memorable Characters
  • Developing a Great Plot
  • Finding Inspiration in Your Own Life Experience


Kinkaid School Book Fair | November 9, 2014 | Houston, Texas

Greenhill School | Thursday, April 10, 2014| Dallas, Texas

Adam will visit classes at his former students “on the Hill”!

Friendswood Jr. High | Friday, March 21, 2014 | Friendswood, Texas

The Conspiracy Game Launch Party | Thursday, January 23, 2014 | Friendswood, Texas | Dunn Bros. | 6-8pm