Houston Public Media’s “Writing the City” Series: I sat down with Dacia Clay to discuss writing, space, Kickstarter, and read one of my poems, “Observatory,” an homage to my father.

An interview with Chick Lit Cafe (blog tour): the importance of strong female characters in sci-fi, the draw of deep space, and the lovely horror of being a teenager.

An interview with Lady Yellowbird (blog tour): “Adolescence is just built for storytelling because there’s such daily upheaval. For a writer, the protagonist can have the best and worst day of his/her life in a six hour period, and that’s good for moving a story along fluidly.”

On the Importance of Handwriting and the Writer’s Notebook (Huffington Post): “Author Adam Holt is one such person. When he visits classrooms, he tells students that creating a ‘writer’s notebook,’ literally a handwritten journal, helps improve concentration, harnesses creativity and allows young writers to “shut down the computer and reboot the mind!”